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Strong Servant-Leaders

Swoz Leadership is a leadership development company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We are driven to help leaders become great. The world desperately needs more and better servant-leaders—the most effective leaders in the long run. Working with leaders on six continents, Swoz Leadership trains, coaches, and consults using proven methods, discovered from and rigorously tested by some of the biggest and best organizations in the world. Our team helps others discover that leadership is not a special gift some are born with, but a set of skills that anyone can master.


Whether it’s an all-day workshop, an hour-long keynote, or a multi-month leadership development program, Swoz Leadership speakers deliver powerful, practical, and memorable experiences with original content based on multi-year research studies and tested in the biggest and most competitive organizations in the world. Most commonly requested topics include: Servant-Leadership, Innovation, Customer Service, and High Performance (for individuals and organizations).

Great events can catalyze change overnight. Swoz Leadership consultants have designed and delivered game changing experiences on six continents. Let us make your next event the beginning of a whole new chapter.


Leadership depends on spending energy. How many times have you been fired up by a great event, but failed to implement the change in the following months? Let us provide the extra energy and insights needed to take your life to the next level—permanently.

Coaches in the Swoz Leadership network provide one-on-one development and strategy for CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and high performers in all fields. And they are masters of their craft. Each coach has delivered thousands of hours of professional coaching.


Do you have a general sense of where you want to take your organization, but don’t have the tools or systems in place to actually do it? Swoz Leadership can show you how to make that change happen. Our teams of battle-tested engineers, front-line leaders, and literal geniuses can build your custom solution and even help implement it in your organization.

How much are you losing by not having exactly what you really need, built the way you need? Bring in our experts and make your idea come to life. Every great idea eventually degenerates into hard work. Swoz Leadership can be your special forces provider, giving you access to world-class workers.

What People Say. . .

  • “You did an OUTSTANDING job in Charlotte! You are a truly exceptional communicator.”

    Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A, Inc.
  • "Scott is a great story teller! How to Fail as a Leader is not only a great story about leadership but entertaining as well.  It’s not often when you have fun reading a book and get to learn important lessons about leading at the same time."

    Howard Behar, President of Starbucks International, Retired
  • “I thought you were going to be good. I didn’t realize you would be THAT good!”

    Daniel Steere, Chief Product Officer, Banyan Hills Technology
  • “Scott is the leader’s leader. He’s the Yoda of leadership.”

    Jay Kimsey, Atlantic Region Director, Chick-fil-A
  • “You were the highest rated speaker at our conference—the second year in a row!”

    Misty Krug, President, Arkansas Bank Marketing Association
  • “Thank you again for what I believe is the best training I have ever invested my leadership team in.”

    Mark Hufford, Chick-fil-A Franchise Owner

Some Of The Leaders in the Network

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