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Being inconsistently good is almost the same as being consistently bad. –Scott Wozniak

The more innovative and aggressive your ideas are, the more trust you need built up. –Scott Wozniak

If you still think that little things don’t matter, consider a pebble in your shoe. –Scott Wozniak

Avoiding delegation is the choice to walk away from being a leader. –Scott Wozniak

If you want to go fast, do it yourself. But if you want to go far, do it together. –Scott Wozniak

Every great idea eventually degenerates into hard work. –Scott Wozniak

Being the best worker doesn’t make you the best leader. –Scott Wozniak

Leading means rising above your personal preferences and doing what serves those you lead. –Scott Wozniak

One of the best measures of my character is how I respond when faced with my failure. –Scott Wozniak

Assuming you’re basically competent, acknowledging fault to your followers is actually a great opportunity to grow your influence. –Scott Wozniak

Trust is the foundation of influence.

The heart of leadership is making others better at what they do.

Leadership is not about great vision or great precision. It’s both.


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