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3 Ways Storytelling Will Enhance Your Leadership 

Stories are how humans make sense of their lives. “She chose this, which caused that, which caused him to choose this…” Since the dawn of time, we have shaped our cultures around stories. Every strong organization—whether a nation, a company or a family—has a founding story. Many have described political races as a contest between stories. Each of the religions of the world proposes a story to explain reality (including atheism).

stage and camera

I believe this so much that I wrote my book, How To Fail as a Leader, as a fable. The point of the book is to help leaders wrestle with the tension between the big picture and the details, the long-term and the short-term. It would have been much easier to write the ideas down by themselves. But I believed that a story would make these ideas come to life. So I wrote a meaningful story with rich characters and real surprises (not just a thin, weak story like many fable have—including my first book) and it took the book to a whole new level.

Above all else, leaders must make sense of the complex forces inside and outside of their organizations. Marcus Buckingham says that if leaders do only one thing, it’s provide clarity. Every leader, therefore, must be a storyteller. If you cannot tell a story that others connect to, they will not follow you. Tweet This Specifically, stories help leaders…

1) Stories broaden and deepen a leaders wisdom, asking them to fuse hard and soft data into a meaningful whole.
2) Stories guide you through the implementation of a strategy the way a great author guides the reader through a novel.
1) Stories help you to speak in a human voice that creates empathy between employer and employee, building engagement in the work.
2) Stories inspire teamwork within and across departments.
3) Stories enhance the flow of communication up, down and across the organization’s pyramid of power.
1) Stories create positive brand awareness in the public’s mind.
2) Stories can literally create new markets and new movements.
3) Stories move people to action.

What’s story do you use to explain the world? What story explains why your company needs to exist? What story is defining your family right now?

Choose your stories wisely. Tweet This




Scott Wozniak3 Ways Storytelling Will Enhance Your Leadership 
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