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What If It Actually Works–Are You Ready?

It’s common to be impatient for success to come sooner. I’ve been there more than once. But it’s not always better to succeed sooner. There are times when slower is better. If you know me, you know slow is not my style. It took a lot of time for me to realize this.


One of my very best childhood friends with became a multi-millionaire by age 30. Neither of our families were wealthy and it came as a huge surprise. And while I was really glad for him, it also made me really impatient to accomplish something epic myself. But my friend found out the hard way that wealth doesn’t change who you are, it magnifies who you are. Fame and fortune made all his personal struggles much bigger. And in the end, it drove him to end his life in his mid-thirties.

Success will test your character in ways that struggling cannot. Make sure you have a strong enough foundation of character to handle success, or it could be the worst thing that happened to you. Many, many lottery winners end up saying the worst thing that ever happened to them was winning the lottery. They weren’t prepared for success.

For leaders working to grow a great company, this is just as true. It’s crucial to get your operations excellent before launching that big marketing plan. It actually harms you if a lot of people come check out your mediocre product. You just convince a whole of people not to do business with you.

Are you prepared for real success? What foundational character quality or operational system do you need to strengthen?

I hope we all become wildly successful. And I hope we will be ready when that happens.

Scott WozniakWhat If It Actually Works–Are You Ready?
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