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The 3 Big Forces of Innovation

How many consultants does it take to deliver a presentation? Last October the answer was three. The topic was so big and so cool–the future of customer experiences–that me and two of my good friends teamed up to give talk on the various forces creating the next chapter in serving customers.

It went well, so much that we were asked to record a follow up conversation and unpack those ideas further. And that conversation (enhanced with some graphics) is linked below. It’s an unscripted, free-for-all around leaders and innovation and the future.

Practical Notes:

  • Hearing the original talk isn’t necessary, the interviewer does a great job of making it clear what we’re talking about.
  • The first 49 seconds promote another conference, and then we start the dialogue.
  • You can download the file and play it later if you don’t have time now (it’s 34 min).
  • While the graphics are a cool supplement, feel free to play only the audio if that’s easier.

If this was interesting to you, then block your calendar for a live webinar on the innovation process with me and Scott Reese, next Tue, Feb 2nd at 5pm EST. I’ll send the official registration link for that soon.

ICXA – Phoenix Promotion – Interview 1 from ICX Association on Vimeo.

Scott WozniakThe 3 Big Forces of Innovation
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