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The Oldest Computer Teacher In the World

My team was talking about spending time with our extended families over the holidays and one of my colleagues told us about her remarkable grandmother. At 93 years old she is finally handing off baking responsibilities to other people in the family. But before you think she’s getting soft, you should know that she still walks on the treadmill and plays along with the TV quiz show Jeopardy—every single day.

But what impressed me most was that she teaches computer classes at the senior center. (She’s a big believer in the value of click and drag mouse movement as a way to keep hand-eye coordination sharp.) As far as I can tell, she is the oldest computer teacher in the world.

grandma on computer

Long past the age when most have settled into a comfortable rut, she is fully engaged with life. She has found ways to test her thinking, build her body, and invest in others. That sounds like a formula for a pretty amazing life to me. And its sounds like a great goal as well. I hope when I’m 93 that I will be living as fully.

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photo credit, Mark Conklin (unfortunately, not actually of Betsy’s grandmother)

Scott WozniakThe Oldest Computer Teacher In the World
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