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Capsized at Christmas

The Christmas season magnifies our emotions, the good and the bad. When life is going well, it’s a magical time of joy. But when trouble strikes, it seems to hurt worse during the Christmas holidays.

We can feel like the woman who set out to row across the Atlantic ocean. After rigorous training, she stockpiled a specially-designed rowboat with satellite phone, food, medical supplies…everything she needed. And then, about halfway between Canada and England, a hurricane swept over her little boat.

For days, she fought the sea. And she lost. She survived, but only barely. Not only had she been capsized, but most of her supplies were washed away, including her satellite phone, her anchor, and her food.

Maybe this Christmas, you feel lost in a sea of trouble without an anchor or even food.

She did have a radio (it was built into the boat), but it didn’t have much range. She doubted it would do any good, but she sent out a distress call just in case.

Turns out, there was a ship nearby. In fact, the Queen Mary, one of the great cruise ships of modern times, just happened to be in range. About eight hours later, they pulled alongside her and replaced everything she had lost. And they added encouraging cards from the passengers and chocolate as well. She went on to finish her trip, setting a new world record.

rowboat and queen mary

I’ve had good holiday seasons and I’ve had hard ones, too. A couple of months ago, a very close friend of mine suddenly lost his job at the same time his wife needed expensive medical treatment. He doesn’t know how to pay his mortgage next month, let alone pay for Christmas.

And as I write this, my 2 year old niece is in the burn unit of the hospital, waiting for a skin graft surgery to replace all the skin on her chest and stomach. Her dad was burned trying to stop her from pulling the pot of boiling water onto herself. They’ll spend Christmas in the hospital, holding a confused little girl.

No matter how much we plan, hurricanes can capsize our lives and steal what we need. And it’s tempting to let the waves drag you under.

Don’t quit. Please. Your story is not over yet.

Maybe all you have is a short-range radio. That’s enough. Send out a call for help. You are not as alone as you think. Tonight might be long and lonely. But the Queen-Freaking-Mary might be just out of sight, on it’s way to help you.

You can finish your journey, too, if you refuse to quit. We’ve all been there. Let us help.

Photo Credit UK Daily Mail

Scott WozniakCapsized at Christmas
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