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The Most Valuable Development Event of My Year

Tomorrow I’m going on a life planning retreat. Every year, around this time, I carve out time to ask big questions about my life and make big plans. Who am I? Who do I want to be? What do I want to do? What do I like about how this year has gone? What do I want to do differently next year?

For my work, I get to be a part of epic events. I travel the world and learn from amazing leaders. But this annual retreat is one of the most valuable experiences of my year. I’ve had this on my calendar for months and it would take a catastrophe to make me cancel.

big day calendar

I don’t often say that everyone should do something. I’m delighted by the variety of people on our planet. I love learning all the ways we are unique, whether because of personality types or gender or the culture we were raised in. But it’s precisely because we’re all so different that we need to identify what we really want and need to do.

It’s easy to just go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing. Unless we create space to reflect and plan, away from our usual places and regular routines, we end up going with the flow, just doing more of what we did last year. We end up living a generic life.

You were meant for more. You were meant to be fully alive. There is a life only you can live. Do you know what that looks like next year?

The life planning process has changed for me over the years as my life has changed. Whether it’s a couple of hours in a library across town or an overnight retreat, it’s always worth it. This week, I’ll spend a day and a half. And I’ll share more in the next couple of posts about my process. But that’s all subtle. The most important choice is to put time on the calendar and make it happen.

So when could you do this? Where could you go to ask yourself big questions and make big plans? Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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Scott WozniakThe Most Valuable Development Event of My Year
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  • Doug Norwood - November 30, 2015 reply

    Glad I found your post through our friends at Impact 360 and Chick-fil-a. Looking forward to reading more. dn

    Scott Wozniak - November 30, 2015 reply

    Thanks! Glad to have you join the conversation. 🙂

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