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Rising Strong by Brene’ Brown

I recently finished reading Rising Strong by Brene’ Brown.I’ve heard her speak twice (at TED and Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit) and have read all of her books. All her stuff is wonderful, but this book might be her best. It’s powerful, poignant, and practical–I’d give it 6 stars if I could.Rising Strong by Brene Brown

Brene’ writes with even more vulnerability than usual and with all of her spicy wit. She talks about what happens in us when we fall, when it’s our fault and when we get pushed down by others. With humor and humility, she shines a light on what goes on in our hearts and minds when our face is in the dirt, as she puts it. The book is full of stories, rich with universal truths, and offers practical, simple ways to “rumble” with these heavy moments in our lives.

This is not a book for only those going through a special kind of trauma. All of us have failed. All of us have been kicked by those we trusted. All of us know this pain. And what we do in these moments shapes us, defines our lives. Tweet This Our instinct is to run away from them, to wait for them to pass as quickly as possible. But she shows us the power and healing and hope found in opening our eyes. She calls us to rewrite the stories we tell ourselves and in the process rewrite our lives. She shows us how many have been able to turn losing experiences into learning experiences.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been face down in the dirt recently, maybe it’s because I’ve been down there a lot in my life, but for whatever reason this book really moved me. I cried multiple times. Yes, tears-running-down-my-cheeks cried. And I’m so glad I did. It was just what I needed, beautiful and healing.

I’m not saying you’ll cry if you read this. My wife loved it and didn’t cry. But if you’re face down in the dirt, this book might be just what you need. You don’t need to carry that pain and weight around with you anymore. And you might want to have some kleenex near by while reading.

Do your heart a favor and order this book now. [Amazon Link: Rising Strong]

Scott WozniakRising Strong by Brene’ Brown
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