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Walk A Mile In Their Non-Slip Shoes (Lemonade Lesson 1)

lemons in a bucketEvery time I work in a restaurant (I’ve been doing this for several years) It grounds me in the truth that the leadership consulting I do with these business owners has to fit into a world of beeping ovens and customers demanding attention RIGHT NOW. Whatever strategies we land on need to make sense to a college student working 12 hours a week between classes.

And going into a new environment gives me the chance to stretch and grow. Learning doesn’t happen in the comfort zone (see my video post for more on that).

This time, I spent a large portion of my time doing the daily lemon squeezing. I almost cut myself twice, ground my knuckles against the spinning lemon squeezing machine several times, and took way longer to do it than the employees of that restaurant usually do. I also learned a lot in the process. In fact, this post is the first of a series of lessons I learned while making lemonade.

The first lesson, the theme of today, I’ve already said. Every great idea eventually degenerates into hard work. Tweet This

So get practical. Walk out of your office and go down to the shop floor. Move from sending surveys to observing people in action. Go to where the people you serve live. Get your hands dirty with lemon juice and bruise your knuckles a little. It’s not actually a good idea if it can’t survive the rough and tumble of reality.

Scott WozniakWalk A Mile In Their Non-Slip Shoes (Lemonade Lesson 1)
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