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The Secret Recipe (Lemonade Lessons #2)

Cut lemons in half and squeeze the juice into a container.
Add water.
Add sugar.


cut lemons on burlapYes, that’s really the recipe. And it’s obviously not a secret. Why doesn’t everyone serve lemonade this good? Because it takes a lot of effort to squeeze real lemons and stir by hand. It’s so much easier to plug a bag of lemonade-flavored syrup into a drink machine. It’s cheaper. It’s faster. And it tastes fine.


But I’m not aiming for fine.


If you want more than “fine” for your life, then take this lesson to heart. Sometimes the best methods aren’t fancy or new.Sometimes greatness can only be earned through good old fashioned hard work. Tweet This


Maybe you’ve been looking for a trick, a shortcut, or the secret recipe for success. Sometimes there is a clever technique that makes a big difference in an area. But there’s no path to greatness that avoids hard work. Sometimes you just have to make your lemonade by hand.

photo credit: Lemonade via photopin (license)

Scott WozniakThe Secret Recipe (Lemonade Lessons #2)
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