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Little Things Matter (Lemonade Lessons 4)

After I finished making lemonade in a Chick-fil-A kitchen (corporate staff are encouraged to spend time in a restaurant throughout the year) I was asked to offer samples of one of our new products to customers, Frosted Lemonade.
frosted lemonade sample traySo I made sample cups of the new lemonade ice cream treat. But I was stopped before I could leave the kitchen. Someone grabbed a lemon, cut it in half, and placed it on my sampling tray. “That way they’ll know what kind of treat you’re sampling,” he said with a smile.
And just like that the experience jumped to another level. Because little things can make a big difference. Tweet This You don’t have to work twice as hard as others or have twice the talent. One extra touch at the right time and the right place can be enough to shift you from average to special.
What little things could you add to how you treat those around you today?
Scott WozniakLittle Things Matter (Lemonade Lessons 4)
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