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Green Lemons (Lemonade Lessons 3)


lots of lemonsAfter cutting about ten lemons I picked up one that worried me. It didn’t look the way lemons were supposed to look. Lemons are bright yellow and this one was green. I called over an employee of that Chick-fil-A, someone who actually knew what she was doing and asked what they do with bad lemons. She frowned, picked up the knife and cut the lemon. “This isn’t a bad lemon,” she said. Sure enough, the inside was as pure and juicy as all the other lemons. I realized that lemons aren’t good or bad based on how pretty their peels, but what was on the inside.


I almost threw away a good lemon because I had an image in my head of what a lemon was supposed to look like. I forgot the ancient saying: Don’t judge a lemon by its peel.Tweet This


Where might you be stuck on how it’s “supposed” to look? What lemons are you judging by their peel?

Scott WozniakGreen Lemons (Lemonade Lessons 3)
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